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Mobile is eating the world

Today’s essential reading is Ben Evans’ presentation, Mobile is eating the world. As you’d expect, it’s packed full of interesting statistics and insights into changing behaviour. For example, did you know that 7.5 trillion SMS are sent every year, and 7.2 trillion WhatsApp messages are sent every year. Or how about the fact that the…

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Come closer

Wearable technology now has a tiny cousin courtesy of Estimote’s Smart Stickers, an advancement in the newly-coined ‘nearables’ market. Whereas wearable technology sees the devices tied to one garment, these Stickers can be attached to almost anything you like near you (within about 70m) – your bag, your shoe, your dog – turning it into…

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Our app of the week – Hopper

There’s a new flight-booking tool on the app scene, and it can help with the traveller’s number one conundrum (well, since commercial air flight became a viable option): should you book eleven months in advance before fares start climbing up, or wait to snap up a last-minute bargain? It always seem as though we end…

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Runcible: the mobile heirloom

From Monohm comes the niche device of MWC 2015: introducing the ‘anti-smartphone’, otherwise known as the Runcible. Presented as a challenge towards the app-congested phones being unveiled alongside it in Barcelona, the Runcible hopes to make a mark as “the premier device for the post-smartphone era” – and it’s brilliantly simple. (Image courtesy of PC…

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Digital Trends: Transient Social, 4D Printing & Everyday Robots

Last week we attended a phenomenal digital trends presentation by the very knowledgeable Emma from Things Unlimited. She reminded us about the amazing way the digital and real worlds are already blending together, and gave us some predictions to keep an eye out for. Digital Integration This is pretty ordinary today, you know the drill…

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The Edit – 16.10.15

What’s caught our eye We all know that the brain is the most powerful muscle in the human body but, for many of us, that’s where our neurological expertise ends. It’s an area that anyone working within the creative industries, which so heavily revolve around consumer behaviours, should investigate. Luckily our neuroscience neighbours at Walnut…

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The road to Barcelona and Mobile World Congress

We’re about a month away from one of the biggest events in the tech calendar – Mobile World Congress (MWC). If you don’t already know why and how mobile is so important to the world today, let’s quickly recap. According to Forrester, by the end of next year, 4.8 billion people globally will use a…

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MWC: A survivor’s guide

What’s one of the biggest events in the tech calendar? What do you start planning a full year ahead of time? What’s the worst holiday you’ve ever had? The answer to all three is Mobile World Congress. For all eyes in the tech world to stop and look at one place or moment in time…

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