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My Metaverse Meeting

When I was invited to a meeting in the metaverse, my heart sank a little. Was it fear of the unknown or fighting the buzz and all-round obsession with the Metaverse? Who knows? We do know that we must embrace the ‘Future of work’. Be that hybrid or fully remote. Let’s be honest, the likelihood…

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What does ‘Innovation’ mean to you?

We turned the camera on our team to find out what they’re most excited about when it comes to technology and innovation. This is clearly a passion point for us. We love to tell stories about innovation but also look for ways to innovate from within. Look out for more from us on this subject….

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The Internet of Things

As we edge closer to the end of this year, everyone’s attention is firmly on what’s coming next. Gartner is quick out of the gate, with a prediction that there will be 25 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, outnumbering the global population by a ratio of over 3:1. While the Internet of Things…

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Digital Trends: Transient Social, 4D Printing & Everyday Robots

Last week we attended a phenomenal digital trends presentation by the very knowledgeable Emma from Things Unlimited. She reminded us about the amazing way the digital and real worlds are already blending together, and gave us some predictions to keep an eye out for. Digital Integration This is pretty ordinary today, you know the drill…

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London Tech Week

by Hannah James, 22.06.17 We’re always excited to see what’s happening in tech and last week’s London Tech Week didn’t disappoint. The jet-powered real-life Iron Man flight suit was certainly eye-catching. Some have even said it was the best thing to come out of this year’s show. However, there were lots of interesting events taking…

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