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Meet the Bostockers: Linn

Meet Linn Nyrvik who joined last month. Linn joins the Social Media team and loves nothing more than technology (which is handy), London town and strong coffee. She’s going to fit in really well. Tell us about yourself. I’m a small-town girl from Sweden who moved to the city of my dreams 3 years ago…

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The Rosetta Mission

Here at NBC we are unashamedly excited when it comes to all things space (we actually have our own in-house space club!). Today something happened that we’ve been (im)patiently waiting for, for a looong time. Today marked a significant milestone in space travel, the Rosetta mission came to a climax by landing a robotic spacecraft…

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Six tips for acing B2B social media

It might seem like the world and his dog has a social media presence today. It’s certainly a must for B2C companies, but does it make sense for B2B marketers? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Alongside increasing vital site traffic, a social media presence allows you to connect with your audience on a human…

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