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By Tim Lines

How can you understand and connect to an increasingly diverse nation if you are not diverse yourself? This stuck in my mind as we welcomed another bright group of students from the Taylor Bennett Foundation to NBU towers this week.

The beauty of the programme is that it helps the students and PR agencies to understand each other a little better. For students who are new to the industry and from a non-traditional PR background which is under-represented, it can be hard to know what direction to take. They get to meet a variety of agencies and companies across different sectors. They might not end up working in tech PR but that’s ok. After ten weeks, they’ll be able to make better and more informed choices when the time comes.

For Nelson Bostock Unlimited, days like this are important. They not only help the students; I mean who would say “no” to a tour of some of the best and most progressive agencies and in-house teams in town? They also remind us that we, as an industry, need to change for the better and fully embrace diversity. Not just because it is the right thing to do but because our agency must reflect the world we live in.