A Creative Crash Course in B2B Storytelling: Building Campaigns with Impact

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By Stephen Pritchard, journalist and broadcaster

If I had £1 for every paint-by-numbers B2B tech release with a plea for coverage, I’d be a rich man. I recently joined the Nelson Bostock High Growth team and their  Creative Director, Dan Warren to discuss how, with the evolving nature of journalism, creatively storytelling around even the most B2B tech product is more important than ever. But this is still something that businesses find a challenge!

Over the past ten years, the media landscape has evolved beyond recognition. Print runs have shrunk. Online audiences have surged. Meanwhile, alternative media, including video and podcasts, have emerged as successful, highly engaging storytelling formats. And the way that we consume our news has changed dramatically, with Reuters’ Digital News Report finding that 77% of us now catch-up on current affairs online, compared to a global print readership that now stands at just 22%.

Joined by a select group of fast-growing brands, we started by dissecting the current state of news and media. We examined what journalists really need in order to bring a story to life. We see a lot of the same things as journalists. In the words of one former editor, we need you to “tell us something we don’t know” to stand out.

We then turned to practical tools and techniques brands can use to establish real emotional and psychological connections with audiences. Whether you’re communicating a corporate growth narrative, or giving a product update some vibrancy, this array of brainstorming tactics will work to ensure that you’re telling stories that not only land with impact but work for today’s rapidly changing newsrooms.

If you’re interested in discussing how to build your next great PR or marketing campaign, or perhaps intrigued by our Crash Course in Creativity Workshop and keen on attending the next one, then do get in touch: Leila.Hajaj@nelsonbostock.com