ThousandEyes: making complex tech easily understood

The brief

The making of an expert. 

In 2017, we started to work with the (now) Cisco ThousandEyes – a network intelligence solution and the “X-Ray machine of the Internet” – who needed to create a strong UK profile. 


We developed a varied thought leadership campaign, including corporate profiling and creative storytelling, to raise awareness of ThousandEyes’ expertise.  

We secured regular national and business briefings and coverage with The Times, Daily Telegraph, CNBC Europe, Mail Online, Evening Standard, The Independent, and many more – as well as opinion pieces in a broad spectrum of top-tier trade and vertical media.  

Success in numbers


industry awards through our awards programme


In May 2020, Cisco announced it would purchase ThousandEyes

6+ years

We remain ThousandEyes’ agency of note to this day

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