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It’s time to celebrate this month’s standouts, who took Feb by storm with some incredible work to take home the prize.

GOAT – Sarah and Vicky

Sarah and Vicky make operations look easy. They are often having to herd centipedes to get diaries in order – you could liken it to glueing down ducks’ feet to get them into a row – and yet they manage it every time. We’d be a mess without them. 

PR Minds – Callan

Callan deserves all the praise for his amazing media relations and all-round PR prowess this month. There were incredible results from some news hijacking that scored top coverage and made the client very happy. Great work!

Kaleidoscope Minds – Lucy

Lucy is a creative dream to work with. She’s organised to a T and super collaborative, always coming up with great ideas. Not only that, but she stays agile and can-do in the face of rapid turnarounds and creates “literally perfect” copy – client services’ words, not mine! It’s a shame I couldn’t ask her to write this nomination (I’m sure the grammar would be better…) 

Marketing Minds – Jo M

Jo has played a significant role in the turnaround of a major account, and the recent increase in revenue is evidence of her hard work. She’s a worthy winner, and we’re all thrilled to have her.