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Welcome back from the Easter break! Before the long weekend, we celebrated this past month’s best work…

PR Minds – Matt J

“Matt has been so impressive over the past month, really stepping up on his account and wowing the clients.

He’s been a machine, taking a reviews programme and running with it, securing new reviews weekly and flagging hot off the press coverage to the client team. He’s developed excellent relationships with our core journalists and played a key role in managing invites and chatting with journos at the launch event last week.

Matt is a PR legend and impresses us every week with his proactivity, product knowledge and superb attitude. A Winning Mind for sure!”

Kaleidoscope Minds – Hannah G

I think there should be a special medal (or even Damehood) for a person who volunteers to give up their weekend + a few evenings to deliver a client presentation on a complex subject.

Hannah is that person.

Truly going above and beyond to deliver for a tricky client. Hannah is a design superstar!

Marketing Minds – Louisa B

Louisa just pulled it all off with the delivery of a client’s annual research report – their ‘hotly anticipated’ project for the year. The project landed on her with a huge level of expectation and Lou delivered. She used her super organisational skillz and managed the international & local clients, our colleagues at Walnut and our own team to keep the project ticking along, on time, and on budget. The feedback kept coming as the client praised Lou’s collaborative approach and willingness to steer the project from the helm and honestly it just wouldn’t have happened without her. ❤

GOAT – Kerri B

Kerri has only been here a month and has impressed literally everyone under the sun. She’s efficient, she’s organised, she’s a vibe and all in all just a total boss. Big fan.