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Elaura Lacey scooped this month’s Winning Mind award. We find out what’s the best piece of advice she was given and how she can totally rock the dance floor.

Why did you pick a career in PR and Communications?

I love being creative and getting to use my writing skills, so a career in PR was the perfect fit for me! I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with exciting clients, meet journalists, and think of fun and interesting ways to land coverage or execute a campaign – there’s so much to learn and great people to learn it all from!

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Don’t bite off more than you can chew – as a junior, it’s easy to put your hand up for everything but it’s important to think about what’s realistic to achieve and not to overload yourself with work. This sentiment doesn’t work in the context of a client lunch though – in that case, tuck in!

Tell us a bit more about your interests – how would you spend an ideal Saturday afternoon? 

If the previous answer doesn’t make it clear, I’m a big foodie and love exploring so my ideal Saturday afternoon would be spent looking around different London markets and trying as many different dishes my tummy will allow.

And what are your hobbies?

I’ll say right now reading – I’ve got my book challenge set at one a month and it’s probably the first new year’s resolution that’s stuck past February. My theme so far is feminist literature, having read Little Women and Pride and Prejudice but there was an interval with James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes – not as high-brow but darn funny.

What’s one thing that people should know about you?

I have two little black cats at home named Winnie and Binx after the cinematic masterpiece that is Hocus Pocus.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about you?

For six years, I competed nationally and internationally as a ballroom and Latin dancer.   

What makes you a Winning Mind?

I’m very proactive on my accounts and think creatively about new ways to land announcements and look for new opportunities to further coverage. Back in November, I won Winning Minds for successfully hijacking a relevant news moment and landing additional coverage for Twilio in two tier 1* retail titles.

Any advice for future Winning Minds contenders?

Winning Minds is about going the extra mile and being a credit to your team, so giving your 100% and being there to support those around you will put you in a good chance to win!