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Meet Linn Nyrvik who joined last month. Linn joins the Social Media team and loves nothing more than technology (which is handy), London town and strong coffee. She’s going to fit in really well.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a small-town girl from Sweden who moved to the city of my dreams 3 years ago (Though, I’ve lived abroad for a decade, but that’s for another time). Safe to say that London has been nothing short of amazing experiences. Professionally, I have a background in journalism and social media from the Nordics, the UK and China. Most recent, I worked with in-house social media in a small management consulting firm. I’m now taking my first step into the agency world, which is super exciting!

I’m joining the social media-team in NBU as a senior social account manager and work with clients Canon UK and EMEA, WWT, Dynabook, MSI, Vestel and Toshiba. It’s going very well so far and the clients are a pleasure to work with.

Which aspect of your job are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about b2b and tech social media marketing, because it’s a very fast phased and fast changing market which I appreciate, and it allows for new ways of being creative and innovative. Additionally, I’m very much a people person, and passionate about developing strong relationships with peers and clients.

Any rituals that spark your best work?

During the lockdown, I developed a quite long and energy inducing morning routine to start my day off in the right way. This includes dancing to old tunes, cold showers, quick runs in a park, strong coffees, and visualisation/manifestation meditations. The days where my mornings start off the right way are most often the days I deliver my best work.

What is it about tech that you love?

As a millennial, I have really seen how tech has fundamentally changed the world – how we interact with each other, the global economics, almost every industry etc. Tech is fascinating as it’s forever evolving into something more complex and better. It keeps you on your toes 😊. Working with tech is a no brainer for me – who doesn’t want to be part of forming the future world we live in?!

How to spend the 25th hour of your day?

Outdoors (no matter the weather) and socialising with friends. Staying up a bit too late and have an hour extra sleep in the morning.