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Pride 2023: Allies, We (Still) Need You 

“Violence thrives on silence.” Trans activist Rio Amani opened a seminar I attended on Trans Allyship in the workplace with this impactful statement. Whilst it may sound like a bleak start to a blog about Pride, our current social climate has shown us that, even 53 years after the first march, Pride still has an…

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Our Queeroes

It’s Pride Month! The official theme for 2023 is “Strength in Solidarity” – inviting us all to celebrate not only the power and resilience of the LGBTQIA+ community, but also the incredible positive change that can be made by uniting together. In a world where platforms of hatred and violence are upheld and often even celebrated,…

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Being out at work and the importance of LGBTQ leadership

I started working at Nelson Bostock in May of last year. Less than two weeks into the job I got engaged to my partner after an amazing long weekend in Copenhagen. It was the best weekend of my life. When I came back to work on Monday one of my colleagues noticed I was wearing…

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Does Pride still matter?

Ahead of this weekend’s Pride celebration, the Unlimited Group hosted a panel to discuss the history of Pride. It looked at where we’ve come from and where we should be going. Our Account Assistant, Jahanara Chaudhry, sat on the panel to contribute her experiences. Here is her overview of the event and its outcomes. On…

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