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#Cybersecmonth – it’s noisy out there, but is anybody listening?

We often talk about “finding a hook”. Something that will make a story feel really timely and relevant to the audience – and therefore be widely seen and shared. #Cybersecmonth is a campaign run by the EU (and US Government in tandem) in October to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and how people can protect…

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The impact of ransomware on critical infrastructure drives bold commitments during #Cybersecmonth

Here at Nelson Bostock, we’re talking cybersecurity week in, week out thanks to our mix of clients that tap into this sector. So, it doesn’t take Cybersecurity Awareness Month for us to indulge in the latest news, but it has been a particularly interesting few weeks in terms of industry news. The US initially took…

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Reporting on WannaCry

18.05.17, by Sohaib Ahmed Reporting on cybersecurity issues is difficult. It’s technical, it’s fast-moving, there’s very little verified information, and there are hundreds of opinions all offering the same angle. So I have some sympathy with the mainstream press when a big issue hits, like WannaCry. Having worked with security clients for several years, we’re…

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