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#Cybersecmonth – it’s noisy out there, but is anybody listening?

We often talk about “finding a hook”. Something that will make a story feel really timely and relevant to the audience – and therefore be widely seen and shared. #Cybersecmonth is a campaign run by the EU (and US Government in tandem) in October to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and how people can protect…

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Bridging communications across the B2B buying process

Last week NBU towers was host to a fascinating event. Industry experts came together to discuss how the next generation of B2B researchers are influencing the ever-changing B2B buying process. With insights from Google, marketing industry analysis house Econsultancy, security brand AVG and B2B Marketing magazine, we explored the challenges brands face in aligning communications…

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NBU on Tour: 8 things we learnt cycling 160 miles for charity

160 (plus) miles. 3 days. (3 punctures). 17,572 litres of rain (approximately) in 72 hours. 80 riders. 10 support crew. Tour Unlimited was back, for the seventh year running. On a (not so) sunny Friday in June, the Nelson Bostock team joined up with the other agencies across the Unlimited Group to undertake the mammoth…

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Isolation series part 1: staying mentally well

We’ve all seen social media posts preaching that self isolation is an opportunity to get fit or learn a new skill. While this is entirely possible, it’s also true that isolation is hard and can negatively impact our mental health. This can leave us lacking motivation both personally and professionally. It’s OK to not be…

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Scale Ups: Managing reputations in a changing marketplace

Scale-Ups: Managing reputations in a changing marketplace was held in partnership with Angel Academe. The panel comprised of Sarah Shilling (CMO, Unlimited Group), Rachel Jones (CEO, SnapDragon), Charlie Davies (co-Founder and CEO, TravelTime), Mel Varley (Investor & Advisor, Angel Academe) and Tim Lines (Director, Nelson Bostock Unlimited). They discussed how scale-ups are managing their brand reputation through the current pandemic, and what the coming months look like…

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UK fintech must continue to build trust to take centre stage

This year will go down in history. After three months of lockdown, the world we re-enter will be very different from the world we left behind. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from the experience. Not just about handwashing, but also about how to handle a crisis. We’re aware (if we didn’t…

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You must understand what’s shaping UK Fintech if you’re going to plan PR effectively

Fintech continues its march forwards. There are lots of great success stories; fuelled by innovation, growth and a very real market need. Just consider the recent Sunday Times’ Tech Track 100 which follows Britain’s fastest-growing, privately owned tech companies. If you look beyond the obvious big hitters – Revolut (1), Checkout.com (55), TransferWise (64) and our…

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Our take on the PRWeek Purpose Summit

We had the opportunity to attend PR Week’s recent Purpose Summit which explored how brands and agencies are creating, refining and communicating purpose through case studies and engaging presentations. We’ve summarised the key insights and takeaways below:  Impact of COVID-19 on sustainability  There’s undoubtedly been a connection between COVID-19 and sustainability. While we’ve seen some…

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