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Winning Minds for Good: Why it’s time we start talking about mental health

19.04.17 Opening up in an interview with The Telegraph this week, Prince Harry became the latest public figure to speak out about their mental health experiences. After the loss of his mother, Diana, the Princess of Wales, in 1997, Prince Harry admits to “shutting down all of his emotions”. Prince Harry’s recent appearance on Bryony…

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Our cashless society is affecting the homeless

The number of rough sleepers in the UK is on the rise. The most obvious of places to see this growing problem is in our own capital, which accounts for almost a quarter (23%) of the total number of rough sleepers in the UK (2,659 according to Crisis!) In London, regardless of whether you’re north,…

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NBU on Tour: 8 things we learnt cycling 160 miles for charity

160 (plus) miles. 3 days. (3 punctures). 17,572 litres of rain (approximately) in 72 hours. 80 riders. 10 support crew. Tour Unlimited was back, for the seventh year running. On a (not so) sunny Friday in June, the Nelson Bostock team joined up with the other agencies across the Unlimited Group to undertake the mammoth…

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