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Stories of Creative Inspiration: ‘Yinka Ilori: Parables for Happiness’  

By learning more about diverse works of art, history, and culture we believe our team can better stimulate their creativity and spark new ideas for our clients. NBU’s designer Hannah Ginno details her recent visit to the London Design Museum and thinks about how B2B companies can create more fulfilling event experiences.   The Design…

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Ground breaking designs of the year

Today we feature a guest post from the lovely Cen, an integral part of our amazing design team. Recently I visited the Design Museum in London, which is showcasing an exhibition of 76 groundbreaking designs of 2015. The exhilarating and extraordinary designs included fields such as futuristic architecture, digital, fashion, graphics, product and transport. As…

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Don’t make me think

Today we have a guest post from Rachael, one of our amazing design team. As a designer who thrives on website design, I stumbled across (on the internet, obviously) a book called: ‘Don’t make me think.’ Ironically enough, it got me thinking… We are more partial to a slightly longer ‘look’ at our phones or…

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And now for a guest post from Rachael from our superb design team. 271 years before the Pantone guide was published, an artist put together his own watercolour guide. How beautifully refreshing! As we experience the daily reminder of the booming digital world, it’s great to see some old-fashioned, and quite frankly, underrated techniques being…

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Are you self(ie) obsessed?

Today we have a guest post from Rachael, part of our incredible Design team. She’s taken some time out to look at pictures of herself…   Everyone loves an occasional selfie (admit it, you have at least one on your phone). Research has been carried out to suggest we enjoy the control we have over…

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Inspiring our design team today is this specialty painting store in Tokyo. Instead of minimalist wallpaper or busy installations, Pigment has meticulously lined the walls with 4,200 different… pigments! As well as 200 antique paintbrushes and ink sticks, and 50 kinds of animal glue. The effect is simply stunning, combining the traditional and modern worlds. The…

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Designs on Christmas

Today we’ve got a guest post from Cen, part of our amazing Design team. Cen’s been with us for about a year, and has taken some time to reflect on her first twelve months with us.   The first year of Christmas my agency gave to me…. 200 Extravagant Office Elfie agency mailers 7 Embellishing…

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iwant to pop art

Cen from our design team has been thinking about… bubble wrap… lately?! Here’s what’s been on her mind: I recently came across an article about the reinvention of bubble wrap. I know what you’re thinking, bubble wrap is already perfect – why change it? Bubble wrap, as we know it, pops in an instant of…

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Design inspiration comes from everywhere, writes Cen from our Design team. I was intrigued by a picture in the Evening Standard – what appeared to be a paper patterned frame outlining the form of a women’s torso and leg… but there was no flesh underneath, just fresh air! It turns out that London based visual…

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Big Bang Data

Cen from our amazing design team went to see Big Bang Data at Somerset House. Here’s what she thought of it: Big Bang Data is an exciting title. The advertising promised a major exhibition showcasing the data explosion of the 21st century and how it is transforming our lives. I couldn’t wait! It’s easy to…

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