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Highlights from the Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence

The House of Lords select committee on Artificial Intelligence recently gathered to hear evidence from witnesses across academia, law, industry, and the media. We attended to hear the latest insights on AI. But also the potential recommendations which for the government when the committee reports early next year. There were concerns from almost every group…

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Let’s party like it’s 2118

As Nelson Bostock’s resident DJ, (modesty alone prevents from saying *celebrity* DJ), I take my music festivals pretty seriously. Things have changed somewhat since my first ever festival experience (Reading Fest, 1999). Today, technology takes centre stage almost as much as the music does. What are some of the most exciting uses of technology in festivals today?…

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Artificial Intelligence: Brand is King

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. While true human-like intelligence is distant, machine learning and intelligent systems are in use right now. Last month we hosted an event in our Soho office around AI and its relation to brand. We also discussed AI’s place in our everyday lives. We wanted to dig into how ‘our invisible…

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